Back Pain: What To Do If Your Back Goes Out

A wide assortment of things can cause your back to go out unexpectedly. You might be doing something as innocuous as brushing your hair, or something obviously strenuous such as shoveling snow. The only thing you can really depend on is that your back will go out at an inconvenient time, and it will cause pain. Although you can’t exactly prepare for your back to go out, you can be ready to take the proper steps immediately after it happens.


Stop What You’re Doing

It may seem obvious to stop doing whatever it was you were doing when your back went out. But an amazing number of people will try to keep going. That “one last shovelful” may be the thing that pushes your back over the edge, though. So the very first thing you need to do when your back goes out is to stop doing what you’re doing.

Assume a Painless Position

Back pain often comes from something pinching a nerve, or something being out of alignment. Where there is pain, something is wrong. So the next thing you should do is get into a position where the pain either goes away, or is less severe. By assuming a painless position, you temporarily take pressure off the area that needs attention.

Apply Ice

When back pain sets in, there will inevitably be inflammation. To keep inflammation in check, apply ice to the area that is sore. The ice will also help to dull the senses and lessen the pain you feel.

Call Your Chiropractor

Hopefully you’ve already got your chiropractor on speed dial for situations when your back goes out. Explain your situation to the receptionist and make an appointment for an adjustment at your earliest convenience. A chiropractor will be able to work with your back even if you still don’t have full mobility at the time of your treatment. Your follow up care should be determined between you and your chiropractor.

Take into account these recommended steps:

Apply Heat After 24 Hours
After 24 hours, you want to switch to heat. A heating pad set on low or medium should do the trick. Be careful not to apply the heat directly to the skin, as it may overheat the skin and worsen any remaining inflammation.

Avoid Strenuous Activity
It goes without saying that when backs go out the muscle or spine is put under stress. In order to give your back the best chances of a full recovery, avoid strenuous activity for a long duration of time after your treatment. Even when you feel that your back is fine, that particular area may need more time to heal. Make sure that you don’t twist or turn in addition to avoiding heavy activity that strains the back.

With regular chiropractic care, there will be fewer instances of your back going out. Just be sure to carefully follow your chiropractor’s instructions following treatment for your back that went out. Contact us today at Jeffers Chiropractic to make a chiropractic appointment or for more information about back pain.