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How Chiropractic Care Helps
Prevent Running Injuries

San Diego provides a natural landscape for runners and why our running doctor, Dr. Keith Jeffers is is committed to helping prevent running injuries. Our chiropractor for runners in San Diego is experienced in helping prevent and treat injuries to keep you enjoying your wellness routine outside in our beautiful city. Whether you are a serious athlete or running enthusiast, Dr. Jeffers is your trusted running doctor. 

Our San Diego Chiropractor in La Jolla Is Committed To Preventing Running Injuries 

Tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, runner's knee and shin splints are the most common running injuries that our chiropractor for athletes treats. 

Tendonitis that affects runners results in inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This inflammation can cause soreness and pain locally and affect associated structures such as the ankle and knee. Runner's knee affects the patellofemoral region and can result in soreness, stiffness, tightness and reduced range of motion; another inflammatory condition. While shin splints tend to affect new runners, they can affect runners of all levels. A shin splint results in soreness and tightness of the lower leg.

How Our Sports Chiropractor in San Diego Can Help Prevent Running Injuries

Most of these running conditions can and will resolve over time, however seeing our San Diego chiropractor in La Jolla can help prevent and reduce injuries overall. Many of these running injuries occur because of spinal misalignment and strength concerns throughout the body. Our running doctor will perform an exam to evaluate whole-body alignment as well as strength testing to determine where vulnerabilities may occur to help prevent them. In addition to creating a plan for regular chiropractic adjustments for you, Dr. Jeffers will suggest athletic exercises to strengthen muscles and tendons along with therapeutic stretches that can be completed on the go and at home pre- and post-running. 

Our experienced team also offers massage therapy to complement your regular chiropractic care. Massage therapy can help reduce inflammation and by doing so, improve strength and decrease pain, stiffness and tightness. Massage therapy can be used for all types of runner's injuries. 

Running injuries affect associated structures such as the meniscus, cartilage and muscles. Additional therapies may include ultrasound therapy and laser therapy that helps heal soft tissue. 

Chiropractic Is Your Non-Invasive Choice for Care

What makes chiropractic most ideal is its non-invasive, non-surgical approach to helping you heal. By helping keep the entire physiology functioning at its best with regular adjustments, associated structures are less vulnerable to injury. Chiropractic is also a complementary treatment that aligns well with other therapies accentuating the results patients may experience. Along with running, whole-person health can benefit from regular care. Chiropractic is also suited for athletes of all ages.  

Dr. Jeffers is your sports chiropractor in San Diego to help you stay in your best running shape and prevent running injuries. Are you ready to optimize your running game free from injuries? We look forward to you scheduling an appointment with Dr. Keith by calling us at 858.452.7770. 

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