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Running Injury Treatment In San Diegorunning injury san diego

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Far too often, we think of a chiropractor as a practitioner who does spinal cracks and nothing more. However, the expertise and treatment of a chiropractor in San Diego CA span much further. The chiropractor treats sports injuries and even has the potential to help athletes improve their performance. 

Conditions Treated by Sports Chiropractor in San Diego

A chiropractor in San Diego CA has the potential to help runners who suffer from injuries like shin splints. A shin splint is an injury that stems from running. It causes pain in the lower portion of the leg. Those who suffer from this injury may experience a dull tightness or pain. Shin splints tend to occur in new runners. Although the injury tends to heal on its own with time and refraining from overexerting the injury. Runners are more prone to Achilles tendinitis, which is a condition that causes inflammation in the Achilles tendon–the tendon that connects heel and calf muscle. Some runners experience stiffness in the tendon upon beginning running. However, the pain eases up throughout the workout. Those with Achilles tendinitis experience pain that can range from a dull ache to acute, severe pain. Although the name of the condition sounds very generic, runner's knee is a serious condition that affects runners, cyclists and jumpers. The term “runner's knee” refers to various overuse injuries that affect the patellofemoral region, which includes the kneecap. In many cases, the condition stems from a malalignment or structural asymmetries of the lower leg and foot. Some examples of conditions that classify as runner's knee include the following: patellar tendonitis, bursitis and patellofemoral syndrome.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

A chiropractor can provide hot and cold therapy as well as exercises and stretches that can relieve pain from shin splints. A chiropractor in San Diego may conduct a sports massage to relieve the pain and loosen the tendon and the calf muscle in patients who have Achille's tendonitis. A chiropractor in La Jolla may use support for the knee to prevent you from placing too much pressure on the knee, especially while it's trying to heal. Additionally, a chiropractor for runners might use ice to reduce the inflammation. Ice therapy also has the potential to reduce muscle spasms and pain. The chiropractor may also use ultrasound, laser or interferential therapy to heal the soft tissue. A chiropractor in San Diego may also treat meniscus, ligament, cartilage and muscle injuries.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care

First and foremost, the treatments are noninvasive. For instance, the chiropractor can conduct physical therapy that revolves around improving coordination and strengthening. Chiropractic treatment will help to prevent running injuries in the future by stretching and loosening the muscles as well as educating the patient. The chiropractor has the ability to promote better performance after the chiropractic treatment ends. The chiropractor may even work on the training aspect of sports therapy. 

To learn more about running injury treatments in San Diego or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Keith Jeffers, contact us today at The Running Doctor at 858-452-7770.

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