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Your Chiropractor for Natural Neck Pain Treatment in San Diego or La Jollaneck pain chiropractor

Neck pain can be a profoundly limiting and frustrating problem. Playing sports, getting your work done, and even turning your head to look at someone may prove intolerable or even impossible. Whether your agony is due to an acute injury syndrome such as whiplash or a chronic neck pain condition, you need relief -- preferably without turning to drugs or surgery. Here at The Running Doctor, we can restore your quality of life through natural neck pain treatment in San Diego.

Understanding the Agonies of Neck Pain

The neck is a complex structure, which makes it prone to problems. The seven articulated vertebrae that make up the cervical spine are tasked with holding the full weight of your head, not just at rest but also in motion. While the burden is cushioned somewhat by the intervertebral discs, it doesn't take much to damage this delicate arrangement. For example, even a low-speed auto collision can throw your head around sufficiently to cause whiplash, a painful set of injuries that include torn muscles, pinched cervical nerves, herniated discs and dislocated vertebral joints. A violent sports injury can also cause cervical neck pain, stiffness and other acute symptoms.

But slow-moving chronic problems can also produce cervical neck pain and soft tissue strain in the neck. Age-related cartilage deterioration and bulging discs can cause chronic neck pain, as can a narrowing of the spinal canal called spinal stenosis. These conditions may pinch nerve tissue, producing hand or arm symptoms as well as neck pain. Even everyday postural challenges can give you a sore neck. "Text neck" from constantly drooping your head to view a mobile device is one common example.

Our San Diego Chiropractor in La Jolla CA Can Help

Our San Diego chiropractor in La Jolla CA, Dr. Keith Jeffers, can help you resolve an acute neck injury or control a case of chronic neck pain through safe conservative care measures. Thorough spinal and neurological evaluations can reveal the underlying cause of your distress, at which point we can prescribe the proper treatment. Cervical neck pain due to a vertebral misalignment often responds nicely to chiropractic adjustments, while disc problems and neurological symptoms may call for non-surgical spinal decompression.

Our San Diego chiropractor's treatment options aren't limited to spinal corrections. We can also provide soft tissue treatments such as massage therapy, laser therapy and corrective exercises to help you get your neck back into pain-free working order. Our chiropractor can also offer recommendations for maintaining a more neck-friendly posture and work habits to avoid future bouts of neck pain.

Ready to Experience Natural Neck Pain Relief in San Diego?

Now that you know how our safe, conservative techniques can help your neck feel and function better, take action against your neck pain today. Call The Running Doctor at 858-452-7770 for an evaluation so we can start providing you with natural neck pain relief in San Diego!

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