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Back Pain Treatment From Our San Diego Chiropractor in La Jolla CA​If you're suffering from back or neck pain in la jolla or san diego, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with The Running Doctor today

Back pain can turn the most active lifestyle into a limited, sedentary one. Sports injuries, degenerative spinal problems or long-term alignment errors can interfere with your ability to pursue your favorite athletic endeavors, do your job or even tie your shoes. But the prospect of major surgery or a lifetime of heavy painkillers sounds even worse, then you need conservative back pain treatment from our San Diego chiropractor in La Jolla CA, Dr. Keith Jeffers.

Acute and Chronic Back Pain Conditions

Back pain can take many different forms. Chronic back pain may be the end result of a progressive deterioration in your spinal structures or alignment; it may also be a nagging reminder of an old injury that left scar tissue in its wake. Lower back pain may involve soft tissue strain from a particular sport's repetitive motion, such as the twisting associated with golf or swimming. It can also occur from repetitive impact or weight loading.

Years of poor posture, an unbalanced spine or even simple aging can all contribute to chronic back pain. A bulging disc, for instance, may lose height and alter your vertebral spacing, causing joint strain and possibly worsening into a herniated disc. Your spinal imbalance and lower back pain may even stem from poor arch support in your feet or congenital physical abnormalities.

Acute back pain is easier to account for than chronic back pain because it's generally tied to a specific incident. A high-impact injury such as football tackle, automobile impact or a fall in the workplace can jolt the spinal column, causing a spinal misalignment and/or herniated disc. A herniated disc that pinches the sciatic nerve can produce lower back pain and other sciatica symptoms.

Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment in San Diego

Back surgery is both risky and debilitating in its own way, while painkillers only numb your acute or chronic back pain symptoms -- potentially allowing you to worsen your injury without realizing it. Our San Diego chiropractor can actually treat the root cause of the pain, making corrections that ease your symptoms while also restoring function. we can prescribe a personalized course of back pain treatment in San Diego that includes such safe, effective options as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to restore normal spinal joint alignment
  • DRX9000 spinal decompression therapy to treat disc injuries, degenerative spinal issues and sciatica
  • Massage therapy to loosen chronically tight back muscles, easing muscle spasms and breaking up internal scarring
  • Corrective exercises to help you regain or improve your back's strength and flexibility
  • Laser therapy to speed healing and relieve soft tissue pain and inflammation in the back
  • Custom foot orthotics to correct musculoskeletal imbalances that stress your back

Schedule Natural Back Pain Relief in San Diego Today

If you're ready to say goodbye to your back pain the safe, drug-free, non-invasive way, then it's time to get help from The Running Doctor. Call 858-452-7770 to schedule natural back pain relief in San Diego.

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When I finally realized I might have to consider surgery... I gave Dr. Keith Jeffers a call.

Carol LeBeau
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