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Achilles Tendinitis Treatment in San DiegoAchilles Tendinitis Treatment for running injuries in san diego

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Do you have pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility in your Achilles heel? You may have Achilles tendinitis. Our sports chiropractor in San Diego CA is well-versed in this common chiropractic condition, and we offer a variety of ways to diagnose and treat your heel pain.

What is Achilles Tendonitis (Tendinitis)?

Tendons are strips of soft connective tissue that connect bones and muscles, and they’re vulnerable to a variety of joint injuries as a result. The Achilles tendon, in particular, is the tendon that connects your calf muscles and your heel bone. Tendinitis occurs when this crucial tendon is ruptured, torn, strained, or otherwise injured due to trauma or overuse.

Common Causes of Achilles Tendinitis

Sports Injuries

Athletes aren’t the only people who experience Achilles tendonitis, but just like “runner’s knee”, “tennis elbow”, and other forms of tendonitis, this diagnosis is definitely more common among athletes. We specialize in sports injury treatment in San Diego, so we know how to treat pain and inflammation while increasing your flexibility and range of motion for the future.


If the arch of your foot flattens or rolls when you walk, you may suffer from inflammation and tension due to this repeated stress on your muscles and tendons. Instead of putting extreme stress on your foot muscles, you need extra support for your arch so that your Achilles tendon doesn’t have to sustain the weight.

Our Chiropractic Treatments for Achilles Tendinitis

In order to relieve your heel pain and reverse your Achilles tendinitis, your San Diego chiropractor will customize a treatment plan that actually corrects the source of your symptoms. Our chiropractic treatments include the following techniques and methods:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Because many Achilles tendon injuries are caused by overextension, our treatment techniques are often designed to increase the flexibility of your calf muscles. You may hear a “pop” during your adjustment, which is performed with your knee bent at a 90-degree angle in order to maximize the impact of our manual “whipping” motion.

Custom Orthotics

If your tendinitis is caused or aggravated by “flat” or overpronated feet, we can help with that too. Our San Diego chiropractor prescribes custom orthotics to help stabilize the foot and prevent the rolling and stress that causes inflammation.

Electrical Stimulation

Some of our treatment techniques include the use of gentle electrical forces, which stimulate your soft tissue cells to provide joint pain relief and encourage healing.

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