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Posted on 05-19-2017

Our San Diego Chiropractor Shares What Tendinitis is?San diego tendinitis treatment

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Tendinitis is what happens when a tendon becomes inflamed due to injury, overuse, or improper use. It can be quite painful wherever it occurs, and it can occur in any tendon. However, the tendons around the joints, which are the ones subjected to the most movement, are the most commonly affected. If you have tendonitis, you will know it. In addition to the sharp pain when you use it (and the throbbing pain when you don't), the skin above the tendon will often be red and/or swollen, and is tender to the touch. It's a rather common condition, too, with more than four million people in the United States seeking treatment for it each year.

How Can Your Chiropractor in San Diego Help Treat and Heal Tendinitis (Tendonitis)?

While your primary care doctor may initially diagnose the tendonitis, choosing a natural healing method that offers pain relief without drugs and/or surgery is usually best. You can also get your chiropractor in San Diego CA to diagnose it for you. Its symptoms are clear and easy to identify, so diagnosing it is not difficult in most instances.

Chiropractic can not only treat and heal tendonitis, it can help keep it from recurring. Because a good number of tendinitis patients have it due to sports injuries, they tend to go back out to play their game once they are feeling better, but are not fully healed. This aggravates the affected tendon and brings the tendinitis back. Your sports chiropractor in San Diego will not only heal you, but keep you from re-injuring yourself, too.

The treatment your San Diego chiropractor in La Jolla will use depends on your unique situation. tendinitis is different in everyone. If you have a lot of inflammation, for example, your treatment will involve ways to reduce it using natural methods like rest, ice, bracing, and stretching.

Massage therapy, joint manipulation, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments are all other techniques that may be used on you, depending on your particular situation with tendonitis. Sometimes, several of these treatments will be used in conjunction together. Treatment can last weeks to months, again, depending on your unique case of tendonitis. Most patients notice a lessening of pain in the first two or three weeks, but this doesn't mean the tendon is fully healed. This is why it is important to continue treatment until released by your chiropractor. That way, you can be sure it is gone for good and won't come back.

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Are you ready to eliminate tendinitis pain for good? Contact us today to make your first appointment. We also offer sports injury treatment in San Diego, joint pain relief, and Achilles tendinitis treatment in San Diego. If you have tendon or joint pain, regardless of its cause, we can offer you permanent, natural relief.

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