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Posted on 03-31-2017

How Our San Diego Chiropractor Treats Running Injuries San diego running injury chiropractor

Learn More: Running Injury Treatment

A chiropractor in La Jolla or a chiropractor in San Diego provides a wide range of services such as running injury treatment. A chiropractor in San Diego CA also will help a patient to prevent running injuries in the future. The process utilized by a chiropractor for runners varies based on the condition and the goal of the visits. Despite each treatment plan being unique, certain treatments are used most commonly.  

1. Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy can help restore function in the injured area while aiding in reducing pain at the same time. Those who undergo physical therapy after a running injury may notice they need less or no pain relievers. The goal of physical therapy centers around improving coordination and enhancing flexion and mobility. Ultimately, we strive to get you back to your original state or to an improved state. The therapy can help speed up the process of recovery as well. The physical therapy will consist of exercises that gradually work the muscles in or around the injured area. This helps to restore function and loosen tight muscles.  

2. Massage Therapy  

A chiropractor in San Diego is able to provide massage therapy treatments, but the massage therapy might be conducted by a massage therapist. Massage therapy can relax a person who's recovering from a sports-related injury. The massage helps to loosen tight muscles, which can promote healing and even lead to a quicker recovery time. Massage therapy can also increase blood flow to the area, which has the potential to enhance the healing process.  

3. Patient Education

Patient education is an important aspect of care provided by a sports chiropractor in San Diego. Patient education helps a patient avoid having to seek out running injury treatments in San Diego in the future. Patients are taught the importance of stretching as well as proper techniques for running. Additionally, the chiropractor educates the patient on how to pace to prevent overexertion. 

4. Other Therapies

Through hot and cold therapy and ultrasound technology, patients can find relief from swelling, inflammation and pain. 

To learn more about what a sports chiropractor in San Diego can do for you or to schedule an appointment to see for yourself, contact us at The Running Doctor at 858-452-7770.

Learn More: Running Injury Treatment

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