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Sports Chiropractor FAQSports Chiropractic  questions answered by la jolla, ca chiropractor at the running doctor

Dr. Keith Jeffers is The Running Doctor, a sports chiropractor based in La Jolla CA and serving all of the San Diego area. An avid athlete and runner himself, Dr. Jeffers is a leading expert in sports chiropractic and will do everything in his power to make sure a sports injury won't sideline you for long. Consider the importance of seeing a chiropractor to maintain athletic performance with these sports chiropractor FAQ.

What types of sports injuries can affect me?

It all depends on the type of sports you play. Contact sports including football and hockey put you at risk for dislodged vertebrae and herniated discs. Running, which stresses your lower joints, can lead to injured feet, ankles, knees and hips. Sports that require you to throw or swing objects such as basketball, baseball and tennis can lead to repetitive motion injuries of the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

In all, the most common sports injuries include tendonitis, torn or pulled muscles and ligaments, tennis elbow, runner’s knee, shin splints, and lower back and neck pain.

Can chiropractic care help me avoid a sports injury?

Yes! By strengthening the right areas and learning techniques to protect your spine and joints, chiropractic care can serve as preemptive treatment to avoid injuries in the first place.

How can a sports chiropractor resolve athletic injuries?

Chiropractic adjustments help keep your spine aligned, reduce inflammation and heal aggravated joints so you can recover from injuries more quickly. Chiropractic care doesn't just mask your symptoms the way painkillers do – instead it resolves your injury from the inside out to promote proper healing so you can get back to playing the sports you love.

What other natural treatments can help sports injuries?

In addition to chiropractic care from Dr. Jeffers, we also recommend spinal decompression, massage therapy, micro-electrical therapy, cryotherapy, LiteForce laser therapy and cold laser therapy as needed.

Can seeing a sports chiropractor lessen my dependence on pain medication?

Yes! Whether you've been taking over-the-counter NSAIDs or prescription pain pills, you'll be relieved to know that our sports chiropractor can reduce or even eliminate your need for these medications. It's all thanks to the ability of spinal adjustments and other holistic care to realign your spinal column and other joints for reduced pain and inflammation.

Can chiropractic care reduce the chance of surgery?

Yes! In fact, many athletes who visit our La Jolla CA office are hoping to avoid expensive surgery that can require weeks or months of recovery time. If you can't afford to stay sidelined that long, chiropractic care and other holistic treatments are just what you need to speed up the healing process.

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Whether you're injured or hoping to proactively avoid an injury, Dr. Jeffers is the sports chiropractor in San Diego you should trust to help restore or retain your physical health. Please contact The Running Doctor online or call 858-452-7770 to schedule an appointment today.

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